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Buying a Home with Hellens Residential

Hellens Residential are committed to providing low cost home ownership options to help our customers get on the housing ladder.  Buying a home through one of our schemes means that you need a smaller deposit & mortgage.

We have a number of brand new homes available for sale across the north of England.  Please look at Find a Home to Buy for all available homes.  If you would like any further information then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Schemes

Shared Equity – With our shared equity scheme you own your own home on Day one but only pay for part of the equity (usually 75%).  You fund this in the normal way with a deposit & mortgage.  The remaining equity (usually 25%) is held by Hellens as a second charge for ten years.  After 10 years, or if you sell, the loan must be repaid.  This is interest free and fixed at the initial purchase price.  There is no rent to pay in the meantime.

Discount Sale – With Discount sale the home is sold at a discount to the normal market value of a comparable home.  You own your own home from Day 1 and there is no further payment to make.  There is usually a restriction that the home must be sold on at the same discount in the future.

Shared Ownership – With shared ownership you are able to buy a designated share in your own home (usually between 25% and 75%) on a long leasehold arrangement.  There is rent to pay on the share of the home that you do not own.  You can buy additional shares of the home while you are living there, known as staircasing.

Rent to Buy – With rent to buy you agree to rent your home at an intermediate rent, which is less than market rent.  This should give you the chance to save for a deposit. After 5 years you will be given the chance to buy the home.  If you do not then you will move to paying market rent.