Repair Responsibilities

Emergency Repairs

Our Out of Hours service is available for emergencies only. We will carry out an emergency repair if there is an immediate danger to our customers or property. If the repair is not classed as an emergency, we will ask you to contact the office during working hours.

Hellens Residential may only be able to carry out a temporary repair during our emergency out of hours period. An appointment will be arranged for a permanent repair to be carried out at a mutually convenient time. If Hellens Residential attends to a repair out of hours and the repair work is not classed as an emergency, we will charge the tenant for the cost of the visit.

Please see below list of repairs that are classed as an emergency:

  • Report of gas leak or emissions from gas appliances.
  • Report of unsafe or exposed electric cables or fittings.
  • Total loss of power (not including power cuts in the area or loss due to pre-payment meter credit running out). Check the trip switch to confirm this has not been caused by a faulty appliance.
  • Total loss of heating with no secondary source of heating, e.g. fire, from 31st October to 1st May.
  • Water on electrics.
  • Water leak that cannot be contained.
  • Exit door not locking.
  • Ground floor window not secure.
  • External communal doors not opening or closing.
  • Blocked toilet if only one in the house.
  • Blocked drains causing flooding into the property.