Hellens Residential and our commitment to Mould Remediation 05th March 2024

Hellens Residential and our commitment to Mould Remediation

As part of our commitment to tackling mould, our full team at Hellens Residential have recently attended and successfully completed an Advanced Mould Remediation course.

The training programme was conducted by Dewpoint Professional and is accredited by The City & Guilds of London Institute. The programme was an intense two day course and our objective was to have a wider understanding of the scope of mould and its impact on our customers homes and lives. The course was compiled from different scientific and professional sources and its purpose is to provide current and accurate information regarding the assessment and remediation of contaminated buildings.

Within the course, we learned that mould is ubiquitous, meaning that it is everywhere at all times, and there is nothing that can be done to totally eliminate mould completely from day to day life. However there are ways that we can help you prevent it manifesting in your home, such as opening windows frequently, drying clothes outside where and when you can, use of extractor fans and avoidance of overcrowding in our homes.

We are therefore because of this course in a great position to be able to advise and tackle any issues that may arise throughout our regions and we have a full understanding of how we can remediate safely.

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