Home Energy Focus 20th December 2022

Home Energy Focus

Mould and Condensation Guide FINAL

Home Energy Focus

Last month we carried out a home energy efficiency survey asking anyone with problems with mould and condensation to contact us.

Following several home surveys carried out on properties, we would like to take this opportunity to provide some helpful tips on how to prevent and control it.

After the Christmas break, we will be in touch with all our tenants to complete a full survey of every property for mould and excess condensation.

Attached is a useful guide on ways you can help prevent excess build-up of condensation. There are also tips on ways that you can treat the mould yourself should you experience any.

It is incredibly important for you to tell us that you suspect you may have mould in your home. You should contact us as soon as possible for us to investigate it.

However, a little bit of mould and condensation is completely normal, and you should take the steps provided to prevent where possible.

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