Join us on Saturday 21st October between 9am – 1pm for our grand opening of our brand new units at Allesborough Farm, Pershore.

Allesborough Farm is a beautiful new development of luxury, restored barns and new homes. Surrounded by gorgeous countryside, Pershore is a market town situated on the River Avon just 10 miles from Worcester City.
Famous for its variations of English Plums and Georgian architecture, Pershore offers a range of unique and independent retailers, cosy coffee shops and charming tea rooms as well as a vibrant indoor market offering a range of local produce, clothes and bakery goods. You will find all other local amenities such as supermarkets and local pubs, all just a short walk from Allesborough Farm.

Close by you will find the delightful Tiddesley Woods a large, ancient woodland owned by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust which is perfect for family walks. They often hold guided walks and live music events here too, so it really is a place for all the family. For growing families, there are a choice of good and outstanding Ofsted approved schools within the area including first and middle schools as well as sixth form colleges.

Allesborough Farm is also served well by great transport links. Local villages around the area can be accessed by the ‘Village Hopper’, and for shorter journeys around Pershore Town, the ‘Plumline’ is ideal. This service also links to the train station within the town centre which connects to London Paddington, Birmingham and Hereford. Worcestershire Parkway is also just 5 miles away, with high-speed rail to London and Cardiff. Broadway in the Cotswolds is just a short 12-mile drive, a town which is highly regarded for its boutique shopping and hotels.

Our new collection of homes consist of a range of 1 and 2 bedroom bungalows as well as three gorgeous two storey 3 bedrooms. With a brilliant and inclusive specification these homes are not to be missed and we encourage any buyers looking to move within the area to get in touch with us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as we have received a record number of enquiries for these properties upon advertising to Right move.

As they are Affordable Units being marketed as Discount Market Sale there are certain criteria that buyers need to meet. These are set out in the description below and we encourages applicants to ensure they meet them before getting in touch. Any questions however we do welcome any messages or calls to clarify.

Important information

Discount Market Sales housing is property sold at a discounted price, i.e. less than the full market value. This scheme is for people whose income is not enough to enable them to buy a property to meet their needs on the open market, but enough to buy a property at a discounted price.

To enable Wychavon District Council to assess whether or not you meet the criteria that determines housing need and are eligible for the low-cost housing there is a short application you will need to complete. We can provide all buyers with this.

You must be able to evidence that you cannot afford to purchase a property on the open market. Applicants should not have a joint income of over £80,000. If savings and the Mortgage in Principle total over to the Open Market Value you would be unsuccessful.
Along with a completed application form you will also need to provide the following:
* Copies of your most recent 3 months or 8 weekly wage slips for all applicants
* Copies of your savings e.g. building society books, bank statements etc
* A mortgage offer in principal detailing the maximum amount you are able to borrow
* Proof of your local connection. What is local a connection?

“Qualifying Resident” – means a person who is in need of Affordable Housing and has:

*lived in the District of Wychavon by choice for six (6) months out of the last twelve (12) months or three (3) years out of the last five (5) years, or
*has close family living in the District of Wychvaon who have been permanently resident for at least the previous five (5) years (close family is specifically mother, father, brother, sister, adult son or adult daughter), or
*has permanent paid employment within the District of Wycahvon, or
*has local connection to the Distict of Wychavon as a result of special circumstances (subject to the approval by the Housing Services Manager), or
* if no person qualified pursuant to the above then a person who is on the Home Choice Plus Register ad is approved in writing by the Council as being in need of Affordable Housing and is ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom.

This property is being sold at 70% of the open market value. On any subsequent sales, the property is to be sold at 70 % of the open market to a ‘Qualifying Person’ i.e. a Person who can evidence that their housing needs are not met by the open market and who fulfilLs local connection criteria. So if the property was purchased and re-sold, these stipulations would need to be adhered to.

Further information regarding DMS properties

* Help to Buy Equity Loan cannot be used.
* The DMS properties cannot be rented out.
* We are often asked the question “who owns the remaining 30% of the property?”. In short, the answer is no-one. The owner will own 100% freehold of the property, however, to ensure that the property remains as affordable housing, the discount remains in place in perpetuity.
So, if the property was purchased and then sold again in the future, the 70% discount would be applied to the open market value at the time the property was being sold.

A DMS property may be sold at any time. The owner must notify the Council in writing of their intention to sell. This can be done by emailing the Council’s Housing Strategy and Enabling team. The sale must be made under the same terms and at the same discount percentage as at the time of original sale/purchase.

For example, a property purchased with a 30% discount can only be sold at 70% of its current open market value (OMV). The owner must obtain and provide the Council with two written valuations for the full OMV, from reputable local agents. The sales value is then calculated and agreed by taking the average of the two valuations and applying the 30% equity discount. The agreed value then becomes the maximum sales value the property can be sold at.

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