Our Customer Care Team is EXPANDING! 22nd June 2023

Our Customer Care Team is EXPANDING!

Our customer care team at Hellens Residential is expanding with two new additions to our team. We would like to introduce our new Customer Care Coordinator Mark Bell and our Maintenance Manager Mark Fisk.

They bring with them a wealth of experience and they have already hit the ground running. This means we have more dedicated staff to help our customers with any maintenance they may need in their homes to ensure they are kept in good condition as part of their tenancy with us.

Mark Bell is on hand to answer any questions or help with any issues our customers may have with their homes. He also oversees the important task of Gas and Electric checks which are a vital legal requirement, so please look out for any calls from him to ensure they are booked in, in good time.

Mark Fisk is also another brilliant addition to our maintenance team. He will be working alongside Stan and Abby out in the Hellens Residential community. His past work experience in the field means he is capable of turning his hand to anything and does so with a smile on his face.

You can reach them both on 0191 594 6666.

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