History of Hellens

John Hellens (Contracts) Ltd was founded in 1973 in the North East of England. Focusing at that time on the regeneration of brownfield sites, the company became leading experts in this field throughout the North of England. Over the years the company has adapted to changing market conditions and has moved into sports and recreation facility construction, land and property development and investment as well as manufacturing of hard landscaping products for the building industry.

In 2003 the Hellens Group structure was created for the various trading activities undertaken by the business with primary land and property assets being held within Hellens Investments. In 2013 Hellens Residential, a Registered Provider of Social Housing was established.


About Hellens Residential

Hellens Residential’s mission is to provide high quality affordable homes available on a variety of tenures across the North of England. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive excellent customer service and satisfaction with the quality of their home.  We hope that our business will help with ‘creating communities’ which are sustainable and great places to live and work.


Strategic Management & Governance

The aim of Hellens Residential is to provide a variety of residential accommodation throughout the North of England. We develop and purchase new build houses, apartments and bungalows which are made available for Affordable Rent, Rent to Buy, Shared Equity and Discount Sale providing a range of options to suit the needs of our customers. We work collaboratively with the relevant local authorities to ensure that the housing provision is satisfying the housing needs of the local area.

Hellens Residential secured Registered Provider status and is regulated by the Regulator for Social Housing and is also a Homes England Investment Partner.


Our Mission

  • Give excellent customer service.
  • To develop sustainable, affordable communities.
  • To provide high quality homes.
  • Help improve the lives of our customers by creating a comfortable and secure environment to live in.


Our Targets

  • Increase the number of tenants staying with us for longer.
  • Letting more of our homes and more quickly.
  • Improved end-to-end customer experience.
  • Less debt owed to Hellens Residential.

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